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Top definition. Blinky unknown. Prison slang for knife or stabbing weapon. I sleep with a blinky under my pillowin case I need to stab a nigga coming at me during the night. A street term for gun. Usually meaning a handgun. Yo, there might be some problems later so make sure u bring the blinky. A blinky is a gun. A gun is a blinky. Blinkies are Guns. Guns are Blinkies.

blinkies website

Don't mess with mei got my blinky in my pocket. Word applied to milk when it has just started to go bad. Used when milk is marginal--almost ok to drink. Used by my Texan mother and grandmothers for at least years. This milk is blinky. Tomorrow it'll be bad for sure. Blinky sex. Shooting jizz in the partners eye. She was gagging on my bone when I pulled out so I wouldn't come in her mouth and I ended up giving her a blinky.

Also known as Shadow. Toughest of the 4 monsters to shake.

What Are Zebra Stripes? (And Why Do I Care?)

A 3-eyed mutant fish created by toxic waste spewed out of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Blinky has 3 eyes! IND Gulag slap Pueef Quaff Feel free to use the blinkies and buttons you make on your own site, to give to friends, or however you like.

Please remember to link back buttons and codes are towards the bottom of this page so that other people can enjoy my maker. Please save all images to your own server, either individually or by using the 'print screen' technique outlined in the instructions below. If any images show as red crosses, please right-click the image and select Show Image.

Come from another site? Click here to visit Blossom. Stuck in someone else's frames? Break free! To make your blinkie 1. Drag the blocks together to form your name or a word. Add an icon to make it more interesting. The icons above the blocks will go underneath them. The icons are repeated below the blocks; these will go over them. Experiment for different effects. Press the Print Scrn button on your keyboard. It looks like nothing happens, but in effect it's copying your screen the same way you copy individual images or words, so don't worry.

Open up a graphics program like Microsoft Paint, right click and paste. Crop and save. To make your button 1. Drag the letters and images over to the button of your choice and arrange them how you want.

Follow steps above. You will need an animating program such as Jasc Animation Shop, of which you can get a free trial of here. Examples and Ideas. Please link this blinkie maker to your site using any of the codes below Visit Blossom.

Web animation

Click here to copy code below. Copyright Jenni All rights reserved. Letter Blocks. Button Templates. Credits Hardly any of the icons were made by me; however most of the sites with them have now closed. The only sites I know as remaining are IconArchiveMazeguy and tennyo.

If there are any others you know of, please e-mail me and let me know : The copyright of all characters or representation of characters is held by their respective owners - Nintendo etc.Best Website examples of designs with animation Read more.

Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images that create an illusion of movement. The effect is an optical illusion of motion created by the phenomenon of persistence of vision, and can be achieved in several ways, the most common being as a motion picture or video. Animation has been about since before the web began, enhancing visual content and, in many cases, animation is used to highlight the interface.

Since CSS3 was rolled out across most major browsers and devices, we have witnessed an important evolution of animation techniques. Activate black option. AngularJS Anime. Small screenshots Big screenshots. HM Honorable Mention. DEV Developer Site. Jeans for Refugees.

Spotify Pet Playlists. Queen Garnet. Powerhouse Company. First Cut Corn. Skin Serum. Brain Bakery. Mariah Weathersby - Resume. MAX — a kinetic typeface.

IG Design Innovation from the unexpected. DNC Visual Identity. Maison book girl new release. Cellular Agriculture Society.Welcome to Blinkies! This is a one-stop shop for all the animated blinkies you could ever want for use on your MySpace or discussion forums. These are the most recent blinkies uploaded by visitors of the site. If you have a blinky that we don't, please share it here. Blinkies Upload FAQ.

Popular blinkies. Sections Animal blinkies Brands blinkies 5 Car blinkies 6 Emo blinkies 9 Family blinkies 28 Food blinkies Funny blinkies 35 Gaming blinkies 14 Love blinkies 29 Mom blinkies Movie blinkies Music blinkies 65 Occasion blinkies 23 Other blinkies People blinkies 7 Place blinkies 8 Sexy blinkies 13 Sports blinkies 62 Superhero blinkies 17 Tech blinkies 23 TV blinkies Women blinkies blinkies online.

Blinkies Welcome to Blinkies! Newest submissions These are the most recent blinkies uploaded by visitors of the site. El Rey Esta Volviendo uploaded by Mabel. I love Springtime uploaded by Magical ZanZarah. I love Teddys uploaded by Magical ZanZarah. Snow kween uploaded by admin. Psycho barbie uploaded by admin. Housework hives uploaded by admin. Supa star uploaded by admin. Pink diva uploaded by admin. Princess on board uploaded by admin. I say meooow uploaded by admin. Alpha bitch uploaded by admin.

I shop therefore i am uploaded by admin. How to use Click on the blinky you would like to use for linking information.Home Page: Return to Mommy Resources. We did not create these graphics. They were collected over time from various free places around the web. To save these graphics to your computer, hover your mouse over them, and right click and select "save image as".

Then, place the graphic in your folder of choice on your hard drive and select "save". Blinkie Bee. Blinkie Search - From Photobucket. Free Blinkie Maker - Make your own blinkies.

Blinkie Text Generator

It's free and easy! Free Blinkies. La Femme Bonita- Baby Related. La Femme Bonita - General.

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Lil Duck Duck Snaggable Blinkies. Profile Jewels - Scroll down the page. Baby Blinkies. Mom Blinkies. Family Icons - From Photobucket.

blinkies website

Mom Icons - From Photobucket. Mom Icons to Use as Avatars. Motherhood Computer Icons. Pregnancy Icons - From Photobucket.Fit reading into your life. Start free trial. Get the app. Sign up with email or Facebook. Fit learning into your life. Blinkist brings you the knowledge from top nonfiction, so you can learn anytime, anywhere. As featured on. Over 3, titles Explore our vast library and stay up-to-date thanks to the 40 new titles that are added each month. Learn anytime, anywhere Get insights from top nonfiction in 15 minutes with high-quality audio.

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blinkies website

By continuing you indicate that you've read and agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Sign up for Blinkist. Sign up with Facebook or. Show Hide. Or sign up with your social account. No time to read? Sign up to your secret to success: key ideas from top nonfiction in just 15 minutes.Annie's "Graphics Links - Blinkies" Page.

I have decided to keep the "no right click" script but not to have links open in a new window. So don't forget to use your "BACK" button! Please remember to wait so the full page loads! Joanna from Jo's Blinkie Obsession made the cute blinkie above. If you are listed on any of my graphics links pages you are more then welcome to add this blinkie with a link back to this page. Click on the blinkie then save it to your computer!

Please remember that just because I have a link to a sites graphics it does not mean that I agree with everything on their site!!! This cute personalized Blinkie above was made by my friend Julia for me. You can see her great graphics at: Creative Ladies Ministry! Most sites now offer at least "some" blinkies for a link back. I am going to try to just add links to "free linkware" for blinkies links! So I won't be adding sites that offer "fee to register" on this page.

I will also only have "no registration" for links for this page! I will add more links as I find them! So stop by again soon Annie's New Year Blinkies Page. Annie's Home Page. Email Annie Page. The Christian Counter.

Copyright - Annie's Home Page. All Rights Reserved. Artist Palette Graphics from Graphics by Irene. This site hosted by: Christian Web Host. For a Listing of the Rest of my Pages:.